Exceed (Canada) Oilfield Equipment Inc.

Exceed (Canada) is a Canadian based oilfield equipment company, located in Alberta.

Our head office is located in Calgary. 

We have an expanded product line to provide fully integrated solutions.

We are able to deliver a full range of API qualified well completion products, production and reservoir optimization with high-quality engineering solutions and support.

Our parent company Nine Ring Petroleum Machinery Co. Ltd has been audited and qualified by GE, Tuboscope, Phoenix Compliancy Management (PCM), Distribution Now (DNOW), and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).

  • API and ISO 9001 certified
  • Equipped with fully automated production line
  • 20+ granted patents on sucker rods
  • 10+ granted patents on vacuum insulated tubing
  • 150+ granted patents on sand control, inflow control, and downhole tool products
  • 100% API compliance through consistent inspection and monitoring program
  • Millions of meters of sucker rods, VIT and sand control screens successfully run

Integrated Completion and Reservoir Solutions

At Exceed (Canada) we provide a full range of API certified well completion products, and production and reservoir optimization solutions with professional engineering and support.

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Exceed (Canada) is committed to deliver high-quality engineering solutions and support on well completion, production and reservoir optimization. Our key products are listed below but not limited to:

Vacuum Insulated Tubing

Vacuum insulated tubing/casing (VIT/VIC) is a double walled tube with excellent heat insulating performance. VIT/VIC features an enclosed-welded double-wall structure, comprising a pre-stressed inner tube fitted into an outer tube.

High Thermal Efficiency Tubing and Casing

High thermal efficiency tubing and casing (HTET, HTEC) are enclosed-welded double-walled structures comprising a pre-stressed inner tube fitted into an outer tube. The multi layered high-efficiency thermal insulator in the annular space reduces heat transfer and energy loss by convection and radiation.

Sand Control Screens

Based on your reservoir properties and operating parameters, Exceed’s reservoir and completion experts will provide recommendations on the most applicable sand control screens to achieve your production goals.

Inflow Control Devices (ICD)

Inflow control devices are quickly becoming the industry standard for thermal liner deployed and tubing deployed completion applications in Canada.

Sucker Rods: API Standard, High-Strength, and Corrosion Resistant

After years of research and testing,our engineers locked in a special Chromium Alloy Steel and developed EH9. This new rod not only withstands extreme corrosion, it also delivers ultra-high tensile and fatigue performance, making it the rod of choice for the toughest wells.

PCP Application Rods

Our engineers started research and development of a PCP specific rod. The current generation EHT features our patented locking dove-tail connection and case hardened rod body. Overall, it offers 20-30% higher torque.

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